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Torace D. Solomon is an Author, Leadership Consultant, Strategist and Mentor. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Torace currently operates as the Executive Pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly-Atlanta, where a majority of his leadership is centered on christian education, training ministry teams and developing leaders.

Pastor Torace founded Cultivate University, an online mentorship community committed to providing a conglomerate of resources for successful spiritual leadership.

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Welcome to Cultivate University

Learn the skills you need to become a confident leader, find your purpose, and cultivate the gifts God has placed inside of you. Grow in your call  regardless of your skill level, you’ll be able to cultivate your gift while growing in your unique set of skills.

Gain a foundation through various topics, courses, and resources as you discover that ministering with the gifts of the Holy Spirit goes beyond the four walls of the church.

At Cultivate University, we’ve partnered with the top ministry experts, creatives, and web developers to create a custom platform to cultivate, demonstrate, and replicate the anointing God has put on your life!
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"This University has been literally life-changing! I'm not sure if I'll have the opportunity to do 1-one-1 personal deliverance with someone or be an altar worker, but the self-deliverance I've experienced now that I've been equipped with knowledge has been liberating! I feel like I've been awakened to my God-given authority, and I will no longer allow the enemy to have free reign in my life."
Dr. Hanna St. Louis
"This School has come at the most appropriate time in my life. I received inner healing, deliverance, strength, and grace from this course. Pastor Torace, you helped me grow and realize that I am exactly who God said that I am, and I don’t have to apologize for that at all."
Phillip Bryant
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