Soul-tie Detox

This 4-week ecourse is designed to help you completely regain peace in your soul by detaching from every person wrongfully tied to it. 

Intro to the Prophetic

Do you want to grow in the prophetic? The objective of this five-week ecourse is designed to give prophetic people a deeper understanding!

Just Breath Breakthrough Course

Many of us have felt boxed-in and suffocated, so God burdened me to allow EVERYONE a chance to BREATHE throughThis four-day course!

How to Build an E-course

The e-learning industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is not going to stop growing!!! There is room! 

Deliverance 201

Deliverance 201 will take your understanding of the soul to another level.

Deliverance 101

Deliverance 101 is an introduction to the ministry of Deliverance based off of the popular book The Finger of God by Torace Solomon