Deliverance 101 by Torace D Solomon

Deliverance 101

What's this course about?

Deliverance 101 is an course designed to Normalize Deliverance for every believer! If you have a desire to learn how to operate in the ministry of Deliverance this class is for your! This course contains teaching on the Ministry of Deliverance based on the book The Finger of God by Torace D. Solomon

What's included?

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Section 1
Deliverance 101 Class 1 edit.mp4
52 mins
Section 1: Homework
Section 2
Deliverance 101 class 2 edited 01.mp4
47 mins
Section 2: Homework
Section 3
Deliverance 101 class 3 edited.mp4
43 mins
Section 3: Homework
Section 4
Deliverance 101 Class 4 edited.mp4
(1h 07m 28s)
Section 4: Final