Just Breath Breakthrough Course by Torace D Solomon

Just Breath Breakthrough Course

Just Breathe is a Virtual Deliverance and Inner Healing Conference. Each speaker is going to help you identify your opposition and give you practical strategies to overcome!

What's included?

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Overcoming Shame
Just Breathe Overcoming Shame.mp4
(1h 01m 51s)
Overcoming Shame notes.pdf
37.5 KB
Overcoming Bitterness Towards God
Just Breathe Bitterness Towards God.mp4
(1h 04m 13s)
Overcoming Bitterness towards god notes.pdf
35.3 KB
Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
Just Breathe Fear and Anxiety.mp4
59 mins
Overcoming Fear notes.pdf
30 KB
Overcoming Comparison
Just Breathe Overcoming Comparison.mp4
(1h 25m 41s)
Overcoming Comparison Notes.pdf
34.6 KB
Overcoming Offense
Just Breathe Offense.mp4
44 mins
Overcoming offense notes.pdf
31.6 KB
Overcoming Trauma: Soul-ties and brokenness
Just Breathe Trauma.mp4
(1h 38m 41s)
Overcoming Trauma Notes.pdf
29 KB
Overcoming Rejection
Just Breathe Rejection.mp4
37 mins
Overcoming Rejection Notes.pdf
21.4 KB
Overcoming Mental Warfare/ Mass Deliverance
Just Breath Mental Warfare: Mass Deliverance.mp4
(1h 24m 02s)
Overcoming Mental Warfare Notes.pdf
27.9 KB