Intro to the Prophetic by Torace D Solomon

Intro to the Prophetic

Do you want to grow in the prophetic? The objective of this five-week ecourse is designed to give prophetic people a deeper understanding of Prophecy and its application in your life today! 

We will dig into the following topics

Prophetic Identity
Prophetic Protocols
Prophetic Intercession  
Dreams, Visions, & Prophetic Symbolism
Prophetic Psychology

Torace Solomon is a trusted prophetic voice to many. He has traveled this country, raising up prophetic teams, mentoring, and imparting into people who are called to be prophetic vessels for Jesus! 

What's included?

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Section 1: Prophetic Idenity
School of the Prophetic class 1 edited.mp4
(1h 01m 09s)
Section 2 Prophetic Protocols
School of the Prophetic class 2 edited.mp4
56 mins
Section 3
School of the Prophetic Class 3.mp4
46 mins
Section 4
Schoool of the Prophetic Class 4 edited.mp4
44 mins
section 5
School of the prophetic class 5 edited.mp4
55 mins